A Very Frugal Xmas (w/ @ILLingsworth)

by Passalacqua

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"A Very Frugal Xmas" produced by ILLingsworth -- illingsworks.com
"Last Christmas" produced by James Linck -- twitter.com/lamesjinck
Artwork by Nathan Bortz -- naynaybane.com


released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: A Very Frugal Xmas (w/ @ILLingsworth)
Won't settle for no cheap hair
Want the fastest processessor
I's guess that I's spose to be yo Kriss Kringle
jus cause I drooled a little on yo pillow
I get swindled into buying things
That I can't really afford
But I really adore
When you be eyeing in the windows of stores
Then look at me
What you look at me for?
You better find some premier of an island
Shower you with gifts
Make sure yall have something in common
Or be Amish for a day
I can build something handmade
Like a brush you can dust under the lamp shade
I'm sorry - I'd rather be insensitive than broke
Besides this day's for baby Jesus
Christians do not gloat
Over what they won't receive
On the night of Xmas eve
On their knees, "Dear Santa, help me please, help me please!
Gimme all your money, pay my mortgage and my car note
and my phone bill and my useless magazine subscription!"

Wait, you're tellin' me, wait
No wait, you're tellin' me what?
Wait you're tellin' me that that you want all that's listed?
Without a single exception?
The only giving you like is gifts in your direction?
I wish you'd get hip to my suggestion
Of spending this christmas like a jehovah's witness
Give presents when we feel
'Cause right now, i'm more concerned 'bout eating a meal
And right now, i gotta let you know the deal
That even though the album is doin' pretty well
Hell - pockets dryer than overcooked turkey
Zebehazy Summer sales go to my man Ernie
He's getting that mernie, and me?
Despite a 40-hour work week, this visa payment is steep
And your list is absurd
How 'bout i make you a card?
And xmas morning you get showered with confetti reserves?
Or we could put up an aluminum pole
and celebrate festivus on the 23rd.
I'm cool with either, i just hope you know I won't buy most of this stuff
and that's for sure
That list is a pretty penny
And if you're all about gettin', then you won't get any
Your list is a pretty penny
And if you're all about gettin', then you won't get any, like

What you want?
I'm not gettin'.
I'm not gettin'.

'ey yo
Yo I'm comin' down your chimney in a lickety split
And in the flick of the wrist, *quick* dippin' with your gifts
Siftin' through yo presents
Keeps me the most pleasant
Eatin' your roast pheasant
and cold refreshments
Known as a coast-to-coast legend
And I made out that list that's twice-checked
The nine tech sprayed out a clip from the
Sleigh now
Mistletoe on my belt, women rollin' in the
Hay now
Regifted the dick, in a box,
Holiday style
December 24th, 25th be the playground
You wake up in the morning,
Where's my shit? - any day now
But it ain't appearin',
I'm fearin' the sound of bullets
Might've damaged my hearin',
Clearing out with appliances, time-pieces
You, the whole time cryin',
While my reindeer form up like voltron lions
Up on the roof, peelin' out with big bags
All of your shit spillin' out
'Cause greed what this here been about

What you want?
I'm not gettin'.
I'm not gettin'.