Detroit J (w/ Duende​!​)

by Passalacqua

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released October 8, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Detroit J
Midnight cruise,
Window rolled down,
Riding to George Duke, soaking up the view
Arm dangling out,
So so familiar, it's like Deja Vu
Nah nah, it's just Deja Vu
Crimson legs light up the bus stop crew
..and while I ride on through
I gotta keep a close eye on the shadows that move
So quickly
Be it eve or high noon,
If we lock eyes, they're bound to look right through
The cold stare
Might imply that I'm just a mirage
And they refuse to believe that I'm here
But that's between them and the clouds
I'm a mere passerby and
While I used to refer to it as a deathwish
It ain't my place
Detroit J's are alive and well!

Carry the sirenical cross
The lion and the lamb embossed
Screaming what's the meaning what I see
Out the window in my dreams
Whats the purpose
Whats the mission
And the cost
Having it in mind just a habit of the mind
Lavish in the times
Cabbage and the wine engulf
Scrollin on my tablet
Ancient ain't it
Do what you like that's why I paint it
Sideways cross the highways
For the love of agave
That's when they come closer
See in pursuit you got witnesses
To make their claims ridiculous
That's why you stay posted
Hoping that they never see you coming
All that noise that you make just bogus
But when you run against traffic they applaud
Take a bow for the grand opus

Any place
At your own pace...