Zebehazy Summer: ZMX

by Passalacqua

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released June 22, 2012

Tracks 3, 4, 7 and 8 mixed by Justin Weiss
Mastered by Justin Weiss

artwork by hellofreaks.com



all rights reserved
Track Name: Lovers Leap (Jah Connery)
I've been driving like a maniac
For what seems like days
Through mountains that deserve a bit more attention
I reckon
But I can't say for certain which direction
My thoughts plan to turn as this road, it keeps stretchin'
For now it's on two things:
The venue I'm headed to, and the unabashed iridescence that you bring
Outshining the former in every instance
Intensifying over prolonged distance
If the bottom falls out of this hunk-o'-junk I'm driving before I'm home
Then this bedraggled bag o' bones'll
Walk however far that they need to go to
Trace your spine with the bridge of my nose, and to
Synchronize our accelerated pulses
Revel in the joy of stomach muscles convulsing
Once again,
Whether a week or month more,
First thing when I get back, I'm headed to your door to just chill...

Come on with the come-ons and so on
And so forth to go on
If I have step and you move slow
We prolong a sure thing
Imagine what it could bring
We been gun shy for so long
I wouldn't be here if I wasn't meant to be in your existence
That's gotta have some worth
From the summit to the bivouac
Back to the bottom where we climb again
Til something in our lungs burst
Now we on the edge looking for the right signs
The locks in your hair symbolize a lifetime
And I been knowing you, watching you, wondering
When you will let me into where you say your sun don't shine
No need for jitters and cold feet
Everything natural is the motif
You never been open to the elements
Me, with my emotions
We both in it so deep
Salvation over the red rocks
Mercy under the sky
Consumed by this glorious high
We fly...
And as we leap we leap into forever
We fly...
To all my loved ones, hope they read this letter
Track Name: Rapraprapraprap, pt. 1 (Sheefy McFly, feat. Red Pill)
I got a secret I should tell you
I got some weed if it'll help you
Got what you need I'm trying to sell dude
Was gonna smoke it myself but then it fell through
Work trying to call me in early, only 10:30
Not supposed to be there till the birdies go to sleep
Was supposed to write this shit for Mister on a Sheefy McFly beat
Instead I stop the pen for the clocking in speeding down the street
They got me in a rush for me to get there before lunch
Claiming that they're busy, feeling sorta fucked
I'm like "Who are you to tell me that your life sucks?"
I'm the one that's coming in before my shift
What type of shit is that? My time is precious as the necklace
on a dynastic Queen - And you won't give it back.
So get the fuck up out my face I got some sandwiches to make
There's gotta be some other balls that you can break

Looking out the window sun is shining like a motherfucker
Feeling like it's time quit this motherfucker nother fucking day
I'm bout to waste up in this place
I'm leaving, I don't even gotta say it
Go back to what is sacred, home sweet home
The girl is cooking dinner, bbqing chicken
Baked macaroni, matrimony in the kitchen
Alcoholic beverage, late night porch supper
Passalacqua summer...
Track Name: Ms. Washington/Bridge Card Hustle (Porto Novo)
Ms. Washington,
I gotta ask just why you feel the need to cut my supply?
I'm flattered you feel I'm such a hardworking guy, but,
I can assure you I ain't got the job
That you think
I'm driving off to
For something like 8
Hours out of everyday - it ain't true
And that is no lie
I'm wondering how you could even think that way

If the imperial, national, capital wanna claim me
Well then Ms. Washington gotta pay me
Gimme money so my girl don't gotta strip like copper thieves
All she wanna do is confess to shopping sprees
Knock some knees, brush the shoulders of the highest villains
Sip Pinot Grigio with penicillin, talk philosophy
Socrates and Sappho
Just enough money left to dress up and press out her afro

Oh, Ms. Washington
Don't terminate my funds
Don't terminate, don't terminate, no
Gotta get my nails done
Don't terminate, don't terminate, no

The flat-screen that got delivered, it isn't mine
And as far as leaving in the morning dressed to the nines?
I really feel that's some hullabaloo and I don't wanna discuss
Minutia that you're trying to pursue
(Uh huh, uh huh)
I'm flummoxed, Ms. W
I was contemplating whether or not I would trouble ya
But the fact that you would even consider to cut up my
Card like that, bitch, you're aiming at my jugular!

Cash flow run longer than the Euphrates
Been benefiting since the mid 80s
You see her daddy was a stone roller, neighborhood bone donor
Knocked her mama up and the mama got lazy
And the baby grew up on state assistance, health care,
Welfare, food-stamps that's all she know
And for us to cuddle up then I had to double up
So I applied to and my money's hardly low
I really ain't kill nobody
Ain't no crime
But if I get denied one more time
I'm afraid she'll leave
And use the same card that she get over to live
To get over the bridge
Track Name: Sirens (Eddie Logix, feat. Kopelli)
It was a warm white night with a full black moon
All the original sins croon in the back room
Bird women with dragon tattoos
The daughters of the earth
Draw me in like a fuckin' vacuum
Irresistibly weak
Persephone sweet
Women of the underworld tend to give a different release
They want my death tragic
Like a meth addict
When it's all over turn around and wet rag it
The sex magic
Shred me to pieces
Love me with a song
Don't got no love for these creatures
Yearn for men in search of treasure
On the beaches naked looking like Fran Drescher
Sound like her too
A voice to kill
I succumb to her wrath get it moist until
Everybody in the same trance (YES)
Everybody do the same dance (YES)

Just this one night with you
Is all I need to make you mine...

Ice cold easy
Make you want to scream

These aviated harlots, they are out for me
Insistent upon unbeknownst alchemy
I never felt that kinship, and yet, I can assess
They're out to turn a smooth sail into a shipwreck
Out to turn a smooth sail into a shipwreck
And ring once again as a signal of distress
Chimerical voices, foisted on planks of ravaged men
Given little in the way of choices
The windswept oft forget that a tempest,
It doesn't mind transforming into a temptress
Two-winged seductress - coquettish go-getter
Banking on a mariner overboard
Man, what an overlord, making me nauseous
If without wax, better befriend an Orpheus
Or you and your associates are gonna gonna fall prey
To the lilt that these maidens have put on display...

Pellz be the guy sirens wanna creep with
Frequently freak with
Steady on that freak shit
She on point with equestrian techniques
'til pleasure and death meet
she working me to fatigue
Expert at positions i've never seen
Things that she wanna do border on the obscene
I'm caught up in her spell won't somebody intervene
I'm prisoner to her thighs and the trouble in between
supernatural lust propelled thrust
That brings the bitter bliss
Whenever the flesh touch
potent pheromones provoke me to cold crush
though I dream of escape in reality no luck
I'm stuck with a harlot addiction
A carnal affliction
Persuaded by melodious diction
Lured into her to bed to engage in the friction
What a hell of a thing
I'm a slave to this vixen
Track Name: High Anxiety (Flint Eastwood)
Face look like a stained window
In a room playing the same demo
The pain's mental like my mind's burning in flames with no escape
Like I'm stuck
When's the last time I ate, when's the last time I slept
What the fuck?
Deprivation flows
All that's left is my spoken words
Cut me open see the broken nerves
17 was a very good year, soft nights
Me and small town girls used to hide from the lights
But now the days grow short
Lord knows I want plenty more
I'm in the autumn of my years at 24
I'm an insomniac and a hypochondriac
Macabre thoughts knock at every door
Cock back, I'm at heavy war with myself
There's nobody else
See I'm the only one
Try'na hold it all together
With small change and a feigned smile
Darkness all around
Blocking out the sun

He knows that he's falling - I hope you don't.

It's one of those nice nights in the city
That I'm all too accustom to:
People try to get a hold of me any way that they can, so
Pickin' up the phone's one thing I never do, 'cause
Inside of my mind, it happens a lot
And it's approximately whenever the rappin' will stop
When I'm consumed by the gloom of debt and gotta
Figure out a way to get a bit of grub by tomorrow
Creative process slows, glazin' over envelopes that read,
"Important Account Information Enclosed"
...and three times a day,
Sallie Mae's on my case with the same ol' same
With a gallon of gas at $3.78
Exacerbating my bank account at a pace
That I cannot catch up to, focus disintegrates
Due to beers that I chase with a blunt to the face

[Ben Miles]
My mind's spinning like a fan blade
Bugging out about my mincy little fan base, really need a damn break
I'm trying to get on, and every single beat I spit on
I shit on but nobody listens
These little shows are like prisons
This 30 person crowd got my heart banging loud
I'm stressed the fuck out
Either I can't rap for shit or being the shit just doesn't make a difference
Keep the hating to a minimum act like a gentleman
Go to crowded shows and I clap at the end of them
But the envy got me feeling greener than a gremlin
The upper echelon's lexicon ain't no better than
The penmanship I'm peddling or pedigree I represent
I'm the only one who seems to see that
Maybe I should put the mic down and just ease back
Whole thing's got me stressed out, I don't need that...
Track Name: Rapraprapraprap, pt. 2 (Sheefy McFly, feat. Doss The Artist)
Just give me the rhythm that's all that it takes
To make sure there's no debate
So y'all know I'm especially dope your flow's just good not great
I came here on this very day, just to kill shit
Hope you haters fry, then cry, then go home and say your daily grace
My sensei sent me to destroy the world with a lead number two pencil
Then build it back for a pack of these militant blacks That's my new mission
I'm too fast for you fascists trying to hop my rhythm train
A lame's one thing that I'm not I'm gassed like tanks of octane
Man I'm out here playing chicken with that mack truck
When I should've been playing with that pac-man or
studying outta that macbook
I'm out here getting stacks man but watch your step
They take shots at children from the liquor store
Arizona lemonade
Ay Yo I'm bout to bust up out this shit
No time to rest I'm barely taking breaks between my shift
Stay in my lane oh no I lost my breaks up out this bitch
They ask me will I crash I tell 'em never not a bit
Bro that's just how touch I kick

(ay yo) I rap on rap on rap on rap on raps
Hater you thinking my city is dead? Well I'm here to bring it back
I'm breaking backs on tracks in a snap like chiropract-
You think you ballin? come hoop with me and get yo shit smacked
Never had no intentions of falling, but who ever plans for that
So I'm making these poems strong 'till the day that I collapse
Telling these ETs phone home but no worry I'll be right back
On a flight to Hong Kong with you broad up in my lap
Trick imagine that.
Track Name: Own Thing (Doc Illingsworth
I rhyme when I'm asleep, I rhyme when I'm awake
I rhyme anytime I decide I want to say
Just what's on my mind, it's just how it comes
Over Stubblefield drums, the funky bassline
And whatever else Erno will add to the background
I'm cool with - think you can step is foolish
10 years in the making, hard work and patience
Will age our craft and we continue to do this!

I think I'm some player
Drum major of the movement
Like I'm James Beckworth
Fur trader by day, work so hard that I gotta bloody arm
But I gotta great network
Head first when I fall in a reservoir
So far ahead of y'all like I built my own timepiece
I check every hour on the hour for arrival making sure that I'm landing on time, see
I grew up on an air force base with a snare horn bass and that boom-boom-clap
And uh, I hate unoriginal material
That off-brand cereal, that shoe-coon rap
And uh my rhythm so Arcadian, radiant, say again brother do you gotta minute gotta minute?
What's the definition of ya' style
I dunno
I just make it up like watermelon watermelon UH!