Dead Fish Eyes (w/ Doc Waffles)

by Passalacqua

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(dir. Josef Petrous)


I don't know why they're lookin' at me
Never met 'em, but I swear we got beef
Never tender, never see the white teeth
I don't know why they're lookin' at me

When you mix leafy greens with a set of crooked teeth

It's likely that a bit of kale'll get caught in between

Or spinach or

Possibly arugula - 
first reason I'm thinking

These goobers look at me like i'm a minotaur
But I suppose they think that I'm such a bore

That they'd rather sit and pray I get replaced with some emocore

Maybe a screamo dork 

Will be relief from this suit-and-tie wearin' geek rhymin' for 'em on the floor

Really, it's rhyming at 'em
They're acting like they wanted Odd Future, but got Rod Stewart and Bryan Adams (what the fuck is this?)
With Sting singing to boot
To say they're in a pot stupor is not an excuse (I'm so hiiiigh)
This situation could diffuse
If they didn't feel the need to grimace at my every move (ehhhhhh)
But that is simply what they do --
Dead fish eyes and ruffled brows are nothing new

Yo, I don't know why he lookin' at me
I never met him, but I swear we got beef
Yo, never tender, never see the white teeth
Yo, I don't know why he lookin' at me

I was at work, Secretary of State
Minding my business
Writing a verse
In two places at once, defying physics
In my head I catch the holy ghost from something that I wrote
But I keep it to myself and don't let anybody know
I'm scribblin' on the back of somebody's driver's application
And to my imagination, somebody's looking down my throat
I'm wondering if this gentleman has Asperger's disease
Or does he think I should be flippin' hamburgers with cheese

Like an unskilled laborer
Or an affirmative action favorer
I need some litigation
I call Sam Bern and the team
For intimidation, 'cause this guy is all up in my face
Then little Dickey says, "Well, Brent, I don't see the case."
But now I'm feelin' outta place
The social awkwardness could die
Wit' a head nod or a "hi"
Something refreshing, Aqua Mist
Please fall back and hop off this
Before I go Prime Optimus
Transform to beast-mode
With a Cola smile and leak yo confidence

[Doc Waffles]
Same old prom tuxedo…same old lonely gym
Same old heaven spun metallurgy symposium.
Ashtrays were quickly stolen; the crab was imitation
And ladies applied powder to trout mask replications.

We take breakfast pastries and lace them with bad drugs
So a pop tart into the toaster’s like a toaster into the bathtub.
Blow exploding cinnamon filled bullets into your driest parts
Steely eyed steer water colory Wyeth carcass.

Eat cake with bayonets to throats, glass of sparkly croaking
One last croquet then out through the glass darkly coasting.
With this same ice cream that went to the moon with astronauts
My handicap's scratched whether I’m nicotine patched or not
Whether the man on my sweater has a polo mallet or not
These cold cut combos keep me homeostatic enough.
So grill me on the bus -- I’m flashing back chiclets cause I’m baked
That look like those good light brown m&m’s that they used to make.

Why you lookin' at me?
Don't even know you, but I swear we have beef
Never tender, never show no white teeth
Yo, why you lookin' at me?


released March 1, 2012
Beat by High Funktose Corn Syrup
Recorded/Mixed by James Linck



all rights reserved