Words With Friends

by Passalacqua

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@thenameismister x @theblaksmith


The element of surprise when looking into your eyes
As I rehearse the scales and stop repeat the la's
Stop repeat the la's, stop repeat the la's
I promised to myself I'ma stop repeating lies
That I once told to cover that one time
But stupid is stupid does
And stupid was dumb blonde
Her name was Amanda, don't wanna meander
But gotta take it there if we gon' past her
Back then I was gassed up, grazing the pastures
A one-woman man but occasional bachelor
Leaving you with a bittertaste
Leaving food on your dinner plate
I admit that I slip and fall like Gabourey Sidibe
So hard that the pillars break
Destroy your whole everything like you 17 again
You question what you really want in a mate
Somebody to fill ya' tank
No monopoly real estate
Just somebody to come home to and give you that shiver shake
Let me reiterate
Lay new tiles and renovate
We fight, your heart attacks
But mine beats at a killer rate
For you....

*Dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah*

I sat down and tried to write it
Tried to write it
But I ended up fighting every single syllable that came to mind
In the hopes that the perfect one would naturally arrive
On my doorstep, or notebook -
The scribbles started superseding in the process
And watching that, it isn't easy
When I know there's something a little deeper
Something the song's missin'
I'll admit to problems with the transmission
But I swear, babe, I plan on fixin'
Every chink in the armor, every kink in the ink's markings
And while it might fizzle on occasion?
I suppose that comes down to being a bit patient
Removing any static from the station and
As I tune, I'm learning the truth:
Finding adjectives to articulate the magic you exude is hard to do
Summing this up's a tough one, too
'Cause I want everything to be right
It's just starting to seem
A song might never summate how much you actually mean
But for me?
Hey, resigning ain't the way to be...


released May 17, 2011
Produced by Jeff Cuny (House Phone)
Engineered and mixed by Justin Weiss
Artwork by Nate Bortz (naynaybane.com)



all rights reserved